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Desiccant packs on the market are quite popular and are easy to find to buy in small quantities. However, to use for large volumes of goods, long-term storage, or shipping by sea containers, where to buy desiccant packets to ensure quality with optimal cost?

What is desiccant packets?

A desiccant packets is a packets containing a desiccant used to create or maintain a dry state (desiccant) in the vicinity; it is the opposite of a humectant. Common pre-packaged desiccants are water absorbent solids. Desiccants for specialized purposes can be in a different form than a solid and can function through other principles, such as the chemical bonding of water molecules. They are often found in foods to keep them crispy. In industry, desiccants are widely used to control the water level in air streams.

Selection is based on the following factors

Illustration Images
Illustration Images
Ability to absorb moisture
In the desiccant packets will contain the desiccant.
    • Silica gel desiccant
    • Clay desiccant
    • Calcium chloride salt desiccant.
So, in addition to the ability to dehumidify, the desiccant time is the second and equally important factor to evaluate the quality of the desiccant packets.
In each of these tiny particles, there are many empty compartments, when the gaps are filled with water, it means that the desiccant has reached a state of satiety, no longer usable.
Then, the weight of these desiccants will increase significantly compared with its unused original weight. Can increase from 30-60%, depending on the desiccant of each desiccant
This factor is an important factor for customers to choose the best desiccant packets
Desiccant time
If we use high desiccant particles that can absorb up to 40-60% of its weight, but the desiccant rate is slow. This may result in the product being damaged or not of the original quality while still using a moisture-resistant seed with high moisture absorption.
In addition, the user has to rely on a number of other factors. For example: the properties of the desiccant, the amount of the desiccant, the bag weight, the packaging, the supplier’s service, the environmental factor …

Where to buy desiccant packets ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images
Businesses choose desiccant package distributors that are full of the above factors.
In addition, the following criteria must be fully met:
  • Has full international certification
  • Being a big distributor for good price
  • There are experts to advise
  • Have good customer care policy

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