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What is dunnage air bags ?

Dunnage air bags are the best solution when you want to minimize damage to goods during transportation. With safe construction and load capacity up to thousands of tons per air bag and effective against displacement.

Even if your goods are transported by truck, ocean ship, train, container truck, … impact will occur. Damaging the goods and losing credibility to customers. Then this will be the optimal solution to solve this urgent problem for you. With the most suitable budget while ensuring aesthetics.

There are 2 types: Kraft paper and PP

How to use ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Steps to use air bag for inserting goods:

  • 1: Put the air bag in the space that needs to be inserted (it can be between two packages, between the package and the container wall or on the top of the container).
  • 2: Attach the air bag pump aid to the pump valve.
  • 3: Inject air into the fill air bag until the air bag is full or full to fill the gap to be inserted.
  • 4: Remove the pump aid from the valve and cover the valve.

Where to buy ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Currently, there are many businesses that provide dunnage air bags with extremely diverse quality and prices. Businesses need to find out and clarify information when buying. For example: specifications, quality certification, price … Dunnage air bags provided by DNS Solution are one of the most popular products today. Products are trusted by standards such as:

AAR certification for quality assurance. This is a mandatory certification for providers joining, cooperating and exchanging services for the North American railway industry. Including countries such as USA, Mexico, Canada.
In addition, the product is certified by ROHS – SGS and ISO quality standards.
DNS Solution is the official distributor for Phoebese and Amet dunnage bags.

In particular, in DNS Solution is both an auxiliary solution system for storage, packaging and transportation. Refer to other solutions:Pallets,Impact labels,Oxygen absorber packets

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