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First, before finding out where to buy oxygen absorber packets , let’s find out what is oxygen absorber packets ? Oxygen absorption packets contain a mixture of chemicals whose main composition is: iron oxide. Is a substance with very strong redox ability. Make the oxygen concentration in the product significantly reduced.

With a specially formulated safe for users, the oxygen absorption packets also enhances the storage time. Limit the proliferation of aerobic bacteria and from that product shelf life from 15 to 50 days depending on the product.

Where to buy oxygen absorber packets ?

Chemical market

First of all, you can easily find them at chemical markets. A full range of chemical products, preservatives as well as oxygen absorbers at low prices. But are products there guaranteed? Is it safe? That is what we cannot answer. Because there is no one certificate to guarantee the quality. While the quality of the oxygen absorber package greatly affects the quality of the product and the company’s reputation.

Distributors provide industrial support solutions

oxygen absorber packets
Oxygen absorber packets

You can go to Google to search and select technology solution providers in the world. No matter where you are in the world. You can prefer companies in the major cities closest to you

Your job is to carefully select oxygen absorber packets providers that meet the following standards:

  • It must be an official distributor (avoid arising legal problems).
  • Should be an exclusive distributor directly from the manufacturing company. To get the best price close to the production price.
  • That distributor is a business. Ensuring the credibility, legal, invoice …
  • The distributor has clear pricing, agent policies and discounts.
  • That distributor has full quality certificates such as: SGS certification; ISO 9001 certification; FDA certified…

You can learn more about oxygen absorber packets standards and certifications here .


You should select businesses that can provide you with oxygen absorber packets that fully meet the above standards. Then you can fully believe in quality. And finally, compare the prices of qualified businesses. To get a supplier of quality oxygen packs at a reasonable price.

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