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If you are a manufacturing company that has storage and regular cargo operations. You need a transport support tool for export, for inventory, for shipping… Then certainly Paper Pallet is an indispensable support tool. But you do not know where to buy paper pallets for good quality because information on products is limited. This post will answer all your questions.


Paper pallets are made from many layers of paper that have been chemically treated. Bound together by the glue component, creating a unified body. Paper materials are mostly reused paper, from sawdust, used wood. Processed through many stages to produce a raw product. Then press the paper and glue the sheets together into a pallet with special glue.

The contact part of the pallet with the lift machine is fitted with an additional angle brace that reinforces the hardware contact with the lift machine and increases the bearing capacity of the pallet.

Note when choosing

paper pallets
Paper pallets
  • Water resistance

You know, paper gets wet easily when it comes to water. To limit this drawback, most genuine paper pallets are coated with waterproof paint.
Either good paper pallets are fitted with an exceptionally good outer layer. Can limit water absorption. So this factor must be carefully selected.

  • Ability to protect the environment, protect health, easy to clean

Paper pallets contribute to environmental protection because they are easy to decompose. If you choose pallets that are designed to be compact, quickly decomposing into the environment is the best way. Also choose to buy paper pallets because it is less harmful to health and clean. Especially easy to clean the pallet before packing.

  • Safety

It is recommended to choose paper pallets with edges that are not too sharp and hard to be safe for users and transport.

  • Size

Should choose square or near square size. This size helps the pallet withstand large loads and prevents it from tipping over. In particular, square pallets will be more convenient in arranging goods. In addition, it helps us to manipulate in many different directions

Where to buy paper pallets ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

You should choose to purchase a paper pallet that meets the criteria above. In addition, you should choose a distributor:

  • There are international certification of products to ensure quality
  • Being a big distributor for good price
  • Choose the distributor closest to your business to reduce shipping costs. Because the cost of the pallet is very high.
  • Choose a distributor with good after-sales policy.

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