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Import and export industry is growing strongly. The more the trade is promoted, the safer and more secure the goods must be transported. Especially the quality of goods must be guaranteed throughout this process
Therefore, the shock detection labels is an indispensable supporting product for businesses. Help businesses know how the carrier has shipped and to classify goods before delivery to partners, improve the ability to serve customers to create a long-term connection in international trade. So where to buy shock detection labels for high quality and good price ?

Outstanding dvantages

  • The product reduces damage and loss incurred during shipping
  • Provides simple, cost-effective shock prevention
  • Provides irrefutable evidence of the collision …
  • Prevent improper handling in shipping products
  • Make sure the line handles responsibility for all products
  • Warn the recipient to check the content before accepting it
  • Protection against / reduced warranty claims
  • Increase customer satisfaction and provide a professional marketing edge
  • Usage is extremely simple: Paste directly

Where to buy shock detection labels

Impact labels
Impact labels

Enterprises should choose the distributors for products that meet the following criteria:

  • Products with good warranty and after-sales policy
  • Exclusive distribution of products
  • Products achieve international safety and quality certifications
  • Products printed with bar codes and serial numbers help businesses easily manage and retrieve information
  • Having the most optimal cost because businesses have to use a very large output

The IMPACT LABEL brand is a high quality shock detection label on the market today.It is used to detect shock during transportation or storage. When the set G value is exceeded, the indicator will change from white to red. It is irrefutable proof that the product was shocked. You can refer to more products here.

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