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You are a business looking to buy desiccant packets. But you have no experience? Don’t know where the desiccant package sells? How to buy a good quality desiccant package with optimal cost? This article will show you where to sell desiccant packets you can refer, compare and choose!

What is desiccant packets ?

It is small packages containing desiccant particles. Working by moisture absorption mechanism in the product packaging. The primary use of the desiccant package is to keep items in the consumer’s hands in a quality way without damage from mold and accumulation of water vapor.

There are 3 types:

    • Silica Gel desiccant packets
    • Clay desiccant packets
    • Salt desiccant packets
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Illustration Images

Where to sell desiccant packets ?

Chemical market

Here sell many types of desiccant packages, desiccant particles from wholesale to retail, diverse variety of types. So you can buy in small quantities and cheap. But if you are a reputable business and ensure brand reputation in the long run. You should not buy it here because this is a floating product without original source and no quality certification. The harm will be immeasurable if bought here. Desiccant package is to protect product quality. If the desiccant package is poor quality, it also leads to poor quality business products. Affecting business reputation.

Ecommerce or online marketplace

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Illustration Images

Product could be of good quality. But often the cost will be high. Because these are often collaborators of major distributors. So if you buy in small quantity, you should buy here. But buying in bulk for business, you should choose somewhere else because of the cost issue.

Industrial Support Solution Distributors

The major distributors will offer fully certified products. As a major distributor, there will often be the most optimal cost and sometimes there will be debt to businesses. This is the best option if you want to find good quality products at an affordable price.

How to choose a distributor

Distributor must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be the official distribution company (avoid arising legal problems)
  • Should be an exclusive distributor directly from the manufacturing company . To get the best price
  • That distributor is a business. Ensuring the credibility, legal, invoice …
  • The distributor has clear pricing, agent policies and discounts.

In particular, in DNS Solution is both an auxiliary solution system for storage, packaging and transportation. Refer to other solutions:Pallets,Dunnage bags ,Impact labels , Oxygen absorber packets

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