The tape supports gluing, fixing, and packing boxes and parcels which ensures maximum safety during transportation. We are confident that we can provide high-strength tapes for packing in bulk.

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  • Guaranteed safety
  • High aesthetic
  • Lightweight, easy storage



The tape has a variety of sizes and designs. It is transparent, opaque, or printed in color for each customer’s needs.

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The tape helps to fix and pack the products in the carton box which ensures maximum safety of over 90% for the goods inside.

We provide a wide range of adhesive tapes from clear to color printing. It is suitable for each customer’s packaging needs.

The tape is lightweight, easy to store, and has a longer expiration than other tape such as water-based tape.

Why should choose our tape?

The tape which is provided by DNS Solution helps to reduce noise by 50% during packing goods as compared to other tapes on the market.

Our tape whose thickness is from 50 to 60 mic, is very strong and less prone to tearing during use.

We commit to a sufficient quantity and correct length of tape as printed on product packaging.

We always have goods in stock, provide large quantities at wholesale prices, and have full sizes for customers to choose from.

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Commitment Quality products with the strictest international certifications: ISO, FDA USA, SGS TEST, REACH, ROHS, AAR USA, and TUV Germany … with relevant certifications in Vietnam, says no to inferior goods quantity.

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As the official and exclusive distributor of many products in Vietnam’s market, we always give the best prices and policies to our partners and customers. Win-win is the motto of cooperation at DNS Solution.

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10 years experience in supporting industry. We have built a diverse set of products, meeting all requirements and standards for each business with different production and business goals.

A team of longtime experts in research and development. Applying the latest advances of world science and technology for each product. To improve efficiency and maximize cost savings.


Our Core Values:

  • Customer is the center
  • Technology is at the vanguard
  • Public works are responsibility
  • Culture is the foundation
  • Community is an obligation

Sales policy

  • Provide 100% free samples
  • Special price when buying in bulk
  • Guarantee 100% reimbursement if the product does not meet the quality committed
  • Delivery nationwide
  • Support free consultation 24/7
  • Technical department instructs to use dedicated way.
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Let’s collaborate with DNS Solution to expand the market to provide packaging solutions, machines, and packaging assist technology to large customers in Vietnam.


FAQs about Tape

How many types of tape are there?

There are 3 main types: clear, opaque, and type for fragile goods.

How much does DNS Solution's tape cost?

Products are sold by the tree usually 1 tree has 6 rolls. The price depends on the time of purchase and the specific quantity of each order.

Does the tape stick firmly? Does the tape break during using the tape?

The tape thickness is 60 mic so it is very firm on the surface of the carton. It is not interrupted. In addition, the tape’s stickiness can be increased according to customers’ requirements.

How long does DNS Solution deliver ?

For areas in Ho Chi Minh City, 4 hours after payment will receive the goods. For other provinces and cities, after 2-3 days, the goods will be received.

Is DNS Solution's Tape guaranteed?

The tape’s thickness is from 50 to 60 mic so it is very strong. It is less prone to tearing and breaking during the process of using the tape.

What items can the tape be used for?

Tape is used to glue and fix products, and tools for most areas of life from daily life to production.


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