OLFA SK – 16 safety cutter

Price: 456.000
Extended information

Depth of cut: 0.39” / 6.5mm
Products that can be cut: Cardboard, straps, films, cables, tape and many other materials.

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The SK-16 safety cutter allows cutting thick materials such as double-layer cardboard boxes, carpets and rubber sheets. The unique design of the knife helps minimize cutting force. With just one SK-16, you can handle most unloading jobs efficiently!

OLFA SK-16 safety knife product: Safer, more convenient

The product can quickly change blades with Quick – Change technology, designed with the purpose of ensuring maximum safety for users. The product has a high-quality stainless steel blade located in the covered groove, helping the knife cut speed 7 times faster.

SK-16 helps ensure cutting only on the material specified for cutting, designed with always open cutting channels and sharp blades, reducing up to 25% of force used compared to other types of cutting knives.


Hidden blade helps cut thick materials

The stainless steel blade helps SKB-16 cut through thick materials such as carpets, rubber sheets, 2-layer cartons, films and straps, meeting usage needs.


While cutting, do not shake, pry, or twist the handle as this may break the blade.
When you feel the blade is dull, replace it with a new blade immediately
If the cardboard is wet or worn it may be difficult to cut, don’t be reluctant.
If there is sticky material on the blade, this will interrupt the cutting process.

Safe design

The blade is located inside two plastic protective panels, avoiding fingers touching the blade as well as the goods inside. Hidden blade design allows constant contact for repetitive tasks.

Easy to change blades

SK-16’s cutting efficiency is achieved thanks to the comfortable handle, designed with anti-slip grooves to enhance grip.

The metal tip helps separate shrink-wrap tape to increase knife life.

In particular, changing the tip of the knife can be done easily, just need you to activate it from both sides of the handle, keeping the blade in contact like when loaded, increasing the level of safety.

Safety lanyard hole

The safety lanyard hole helps prevent accidents and avoid losing the knife.

Resistance to acetone

Another advantage of SK-16 is its resistance to solvents and can be cleaned with acetone or other chemicals to remove paint and other liquids and solvent bases.

Instructions for changing blade

Quick-Change technology applied on the SK-16 allows you to change the blade easily with just the press of a button.

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