OLFA SK-3 safety cutter

Price: 146.000
Extended information

The handle is ABS plastic, with a safe push lock
Use both hands, with free grip on both sides
There is a blade inside the handle
Used to cut cartons and cardboard

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DNS introduces to you the OLFA SK-3 safety knife line, the product has a smart, compact design, integrating many utilities for users. OLFA SK-3 is specialized for cutting cartons, cardboard,…

OLFA SK-3 safety cutting knife solution

The OLFA SK-3 product is a line of safety knives with a classic design from the Japanese brand OLFA.

  • The knife is compact, fits comfortably in your hand, suitable for cutting materials from thin paper to cardboard

  • One touch can easily remove and install the blade
  • Choice of blades to suit the cutting task, including: round-head RSKB-2, hook-shaped HOB-2, stainless steel SKB-2S and stainless steel round head SKB-2S-R (sold separately)

In terms of design, the product uses a safe manual slide lock. The knife body is made from knurled ABS plastic, providing a sense of safety and protection when used.

The SK3’s selection surface acts as a spare blade box (can carry 1 blade to always be ready to replace). In addition, the product also has a convenient hanging hook design on the knife handle.

Replacement blade

With a variety of replacement blades, OLFA SK-3 becomes very diverse and convenient for users.

Specialized replacement blades for safety knives/paper knives and industrial knives.

Stainless steel blade for OLFA SK-12 safety knife and other series.

Round tip stainless steel blade for OLFA SK-12 safety knife and other series.

Round tip blades for OLFA SK-6 safety cutters and other lines.

Small hook blade for safety knife/paper cutter.

Instructions for replacing blades

You just need to pull the slide lock to the maximum, then take the spare knife and replace it easily. The operation can be done with bare hands without the aid of any tools.

*Note: only one spare blade is stored in the handle, so it must be checked and replenished regularly.



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