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Pine pallet is an indispensable product in the transportation and storage of goods. However, many distributors sell cheap pine pallet of poor quality. Should or not use cheap pallet pine?

What is pine pallet ?

Pine pallet is a type of pallet using pine wood material. The wooden bars are linked together in the upper – middle – lower structure. Form a solid pallet with a flat surface for cargo transportation. Businesses use pine pallets very popular because of its advantages

pine pallets
Pine pallets


  • Pine wood has the properties of hardness, so the pallet pine has very good bearing capacity. Transport businesses can safely arrange large loads on pallets without having to worry. With load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • The product prevents the goods from getting moldy because of their extremely good waterproof ability. If your products are products that need to be preserved carefully, such as electronics, dry food,… pallets made of pine will help you solve this problem.
  • Affordable cost, affordable for businesses. Compared with plastic or iron pallets, pine pallets are cheaper. Help business save part of costs.
  • Assist in loading, unloading, storing and transporting goods
  • Meets ISPM15 – the international standard for pallets and the wooden materials used for dunnage.
    Can be used for export

Consequences when using cheap pallet pine

In fact, the difference in the price of pine wood pallets is not much (old versus new, with fumigated versus non-fumigated). If the business does not clearly identify the purpose of using pallets and uses cheap and poor quality pine pallets, there will be dangerous consequences. Especially businesses use pallets to export goods. Because a pallet is not of sufficient quality and is not fully fumigated, the package is returned to the country. This causes loss of finance and business resources. Businesses should not use cheap pine pallet because they save money

Where to buy quality pine pallets ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Currently, there are many parties that provide general pallet pine with extremely diverse quality and price. Customers should carefully research information about the product before buying. Pine pallets provided by DNS Solution are one of the most popular and quality products today. Products are trusted by meeting the following standards: ISPM15 – the international standard for pallets and the wood material used for dunnage.

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