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The logistics industry is increasingly developing and growing. The issue of storing and transporting goods has also been given more attention. One of the indispensable products in the warehouse is plastic pallets. So what is plastic pallet? Size of plastic pallets how much is quality?

What is plastic pallets ?

A plastic pallet is a flat structure made of plastics. For the purpose of keeping goods in stock while moving back and forth from one location to another. Construction consists of a flat surface and legs. Coordinate synchronously with manual or mechanical lifting equipment. The use of pallets will make the movement of goods easier and safer for users and goods.

Types of designs

Plastic pallets are divided into 3 types of designs with specific uses. So you should also pay attention when choosing the right pallet for each of your needs:

  • Rackable design: This is a plastic pallet with a racking system without decking. Therefore they are widely available. And you can easily buy on today’s market.
  • Stackable design: This is a plastic pallet with structure of: 1 Bottom, 1 diagonal rail and 3 straight rails. With this design, the pallet achieves strength and ensures that. When using this pallet stacked on other pallets, it will not damage the lower cargo.
  • Nestable Design: This type of plastic pallet is most commonly used. Because they have the most potential to save space. This is one of the top issues that every warehouse cares about – Space optimization.

Different plastic pallet sizes have their own advantages and disadvantages. So each pallet design will be used for a different location, with a different role.
For the most convenience in use, you cannot skip the step to learn. Please choose for yourself the most suitable designs.

Size of plastic pallets

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

1000mm x 1000mm x 150mm:

This is a pallet pattern commonly used in production warehouses for export. They are designed with the purpose of loading and unloading. Suitable for a variety of popular forklifts today.

1100mm x 1200mm x 150mm:

This is a medium sized pallet sample. This type of pallet is produced with the aim of being used in areas of limited space. Supports goods movement with efficient lifters.

1100mm x 1100mm x 120mm:

Size of paper pallets :This is one of the pallet designs used for small areas. This pallet is mainly used for compact food goods. This type of pallet can be stacked to save a lot of space.

800mm x 1200mm x 185mm:

This is the most commonly used rectangular pallet model. Because the pallet size is suitable for most types of goods, the shelf price. Besides, this design also helps to improve quality and usage time. Help users save a lot of costs.

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