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Factors affecting medicinal preservation

Medicinal preservation is very important to prevent medicinal materials from being degraded or damaged when used. There are many factors involved in the preservation of medicinal herbs. The environmental factors that directly affect medicinal herbs are:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Oxygen is in the air
    • Mold
    • Insect
    • Packaging material and storage time

Changes in temperature will easily damage medicinal herbs and change the surrounding oxygen concentration. If the storage is near a water source or in the rainy season, the oxygen in the air will easily increase and mold to grow

The higher the temperature and oxygen in the air, the more moldy mold and insects will multiply and spoil the product. High humidity also causes mold and damage to the product. The packaging process also greatly affects the quality of medicinal herbs. If packaged normally, the product will still have oxygen in the package.

Methods of preservation

Illustration Images
Illustration Images


Drying is the most common method of preserving medicinal herbs. Medicinal materials after drying can be preserved for longer .
The most common is sun drying medicinal herbs on the floor. In this way we can apply to a variety of fresh pharmaceuticals from low to medium price. Of course the drying yard needs to be clean. When drying in the sun, make sure to stir evenly so that the medicinal herbs are evenly dried.

For medicinal herbs that have a lot of essential oils or easily spoil when exposed to sunlight. We need to dry medicinal herbs in the shade. There should be products hanging indoors in a well ventilated place so that medicinal herbs can dry quickly.
With precious medicinal herbs or petals can be dried by placing in a tray and then hanging on a truss. Also note to avoid flies for medicinal herbs when dried. Especially the medicinal herbs contain sugar or have a flavor that attracts insects.

Preserved in cold storage

Cold storage has the advantage of low temperature to help preserve medicinal herbs better. When the temperature drops, the enzymes and bacteria slow down, allowing the medicinal herbs to be preserved for a long time. The cold storage can also adjust the temperature to suit the medicine to be stored .

Use oxygen absorber packets

Oxygen absorber packets
Oxygen absorber packets

No matter how thoroughly the medicinal herbs have been dried, oxygen must be removed.
The best way is to vacuum and use the oxygen absorber packets when packing
For archives need to periodically check the warehouse. It is necessary to arrange the ventilation system and the oxygen absorber packet in the corners and walls of the warehouse to remove oxygen.
Before carrying out the production large quantities, it is necessary to pay attention to environmental factors such as temperature, light, and oxygen levels during storage.

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