OLFA 45-C safety cutter

Price: 367.000
Extended information

Model: 45-C
Type: Carpet Cutter
Application: Cutting carpets, linoleum,…
Cutting blade: RB45

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OLFA 45-C is a safety cutting knife product commonly used for cutting carpets, linoleum, etc. The product has a smart design, bringing safety to users. The iron blade is sharp and can rotate.

OLFA 45-C safety cutter: Product features

Does not affect the goods when cutting

You will need to lift the material and cut, 45-C helps the cutting process go smoothly without scratching the cutting surface or the goods inside. The best application is to use the product to cut sheet materials such as carpet, bubble wrap and PP rope.

Comfortable handle

Round knife handle, comfortable for holding work.

How to replace the blade

The blade is dull

When the blade is no longer sharp, loosen the butterfly nut on the back of the main body. Then, rotate the blade one notch to get a new cutting edge.

An RB45 blade has a total of 12 cutting edges.

Note: The blade is extremely sharp, please be careful when using it.

Replace the blade

Replacing the blade is very simple, you just need to loosen the butterfly nut, remove the screw and install the new blade as shown in the picture. During the process, please note that the blade is very sharp, so be careful.

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