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The humidity in the air is usually very high, so it will affect the quality of food and agricultural products. Therefore, the use of hygroscopic products is essential to maintain the quality of food before reaching the consumer. How to maintain stability, prolonged use but not affect food quality. This is the top concern of businesses. Desiccant packets in food are born as an effective solution to overcome the above problems.

What is desiccant packets in food ?

The first criterion of food anti-desiccants is good hygroscopicity. The second is to be safe for humans. And Silica Gel Desiccant Pack meets the above criteria. Silica gel desiccant package: is a package containing silica gel. The most popular desiccant for food preservation.

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Silicagel grain is capable of absorbing moisture up to 20-40% of its own weight. So a 10g desiccant package can absorb up to 4g of water. Silica gel particles are usually 1 – 5mm in size, white in color, inert, non-toxic, insoluble in water.
In addition to its granular form, Silacagel is also produced in powder form. Anti-moisture powders have similar ingredients and features as Silicagel seeds. Silacagel powder still has excellent water absorption and moisture resistance.


Illustration Images
Illustration Images
  • These silica gel particles will help you absorb the moisture that is inside the air. Helps to preserve the goods in a dry, and undamaged way. On average, a 10 gram food desiccant package will absorb 4 grams of moisture
  • Non-toxic, safe for humans. Should be used to preserve food, agricultural products, confectionery. They help absorb moisture, dry, and protect foods from moist air. Eliminate causes of food quality degradation. Limiting the growth of bacteria, mold in food.
  • Silica gel moisture-proof grain has good hygroscopicity, non-toxic, but low cost. Should be used by a lot of people. It should be used by a lot of people to preserve food after it has been produced or shipped abroad.
  • This is the simple desiccant packets in food that is most effective and cost effective today.

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