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Goods to reach customers need to go through the shipping process. Especially for products in the wood, electronics, flowers, apparel, glass industries … the product is easily damaged during transportation. Because in containers or in large trucks, there is often a lot of space between cargo products, creating impact, vibration, affecting the quality and appearance of the product. To prevent the aforementioned risks, the best solution for you is to use the dunnage bags . So what is the price of the dunnage bags is good quality?


Kraft paper dunnage bags

kraft dunnage bags
Kraft dunnage bags
  • The innermost layer is extremely elastic polyethylene airbag which is very convenient to inflate or deflate.
  • The middle layer is a PP plastic layer firmly attached to the two contact layers.
  • The outer layer is Kraft paper combined with polypropylene material to create a sturdy shell, protecting the inner airbag.

PP dunnage bags

PP dunnage bags
PP dunnage bags
  • The outer shell is made of PP woven fabric with very high strength and toughness, completely waterproof. Raw materials are made from virgin PP so they are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
  • Inner layer: PA-PE multi-layer stamping film at the same time withstand high pressure for a long time.
  • Large diameter valves limit the flow of air out during inflation, and can inflate air bags in a short time.

Both Kraft and PP bags can withstand a maximum pressure of up to 2.9 psi (pound pressure per square inch), providing secure shipments of valuable goods.

Price of dunnage bags

Dependent :

    • Air bag size
    • Air bag type
    • Air bag brand
    • The origin

You should choose a major brand name supplier such as Phoebese, ATMET, … Having a full range of international certificates. There is product warranty if faulty. Then compare and choose the best price to optimize costs for businesses.

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