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Good product preservation is always a big challenge for businesses. Especially for exporting enterprises, the oxygen absorber package is an indispensable product to support optimal product preservation in the production process. But on the market there are many types of oxygen absorbers with different price ranges. So the price of oxygen absorber packets is how much will ensure the quality?

What factors does the price of oxygen absorber packets depend on?

  • Oxygen absorber packets volume: the same type of oxygen absorber packets, the larger the volume, the higher the price will be.
  • Oxygen absorber packets materials: Mainly iron powder and a few other ingredients such as activated carbon, sodium chloride. If other supporting ingredients are added, increase the deoxygenated volume.
  • Maximum oxygen absorption volume: The conventional oxygen absorber will only deoxidize up to about 3 to 4 times the volume of the suction packets.
    For example: 15cc oxygen absorber package, the maximum oxygen volume reduction is 60ml. There are more advanced oxygen absorber packages such as the Ohunter oxygen absorber series. Will be able to deoxidize up to 8 times the capacity.
Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
  • Oil resistance:
    Some products will have built-in oil resistance, because oil affects the ability to deoxidize. So if you use the anti-oil oxygen absorber package, it will deoxidize better and the price will be higher.
  • Having full certification of quality: ISO 9001, FDA, SGS, certified food hygiene and safety …

You can read more about the required credentials of oxygen absorber packets here.

So how much oxygen absorber packet price is good quality, affordable price?

The oxygen absorber package full of the above elements has many different prices. And also depends on the size of the distributor, the origin, and many other factors…. Businesses should look for large distributors who comply with the above standards in order to get a quote. From there, comparing to give the best option to optimize costs while ensuring quality for businesses.

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