Phoebese Kraft paper dunnage bag are trusted and used by many large enterprises in the world. Because this is a product that fully meets international quality standards such as AAR, RoHS, ISO, it meets even the most demanding markets such as Australia, the US, and EU …

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Overview of Phoebese Kraft paper dunnage bag

The structure of Kraft paper dunnage bagconsists of 2 layers of quality material and 1 valve

  • 2 layers of material
    • The outer layer of the product is a combination of high qualitykraft paper and PP (Polypropylene)which is woven firmly. Material is highly durable and completely waterproof.
    • The inner layer of the bag is multiple layers ofPE (polyethylene)extruded together. Helps minimize the release of air. Thanks to this design, the product can withstand high pressures for a long time.
  • 1 vavle

The modern design is much larger than conventional valves. With outstanding features that help pump air in quickly and keep air from leaking outside. Absolutely safe for customers’ packages.

Structure of kraft paper dunnage bag
Structure of Phoebese Kraft paper dunnage bag

Outstanding benefits

  • Limit the breakdown, impact of goods, fix the goods not to move when transporting.
  • Products are effective solution technologies to replace traditional solutions. Help save costs, time, labor and bring aesthetic packing.
  • The price is competitive with all competitors in the market.
  • Large and fast supply volume for each specific size from customer’s request because of the top 5 factory in China.
  • Reusable and compliant with stringent environmental requirements.
  • The use of the product also helps to enhance the professional image of the company.
túi khí chèn hàng container Phoebese kraft 800x1200
Pictures of how to use dunnage bag

In particular, the product meets the most stringent international standards

  • AAR certification

The ARR certification is the world’s leading accreditation for quality assurance by the American Railways Association. This certification is required for all providers. If you want to join, cooperate and exchange services for the North American railway industry including: USA, Mexico, Canada.

  • RoHS-SGS

RoHS certification is a set of standardized rules promulgated by European law. To protect people and the environment from harmful substances in electrical and electronic products.

  • ISO standards

ISO standards are internationally standardized rules to help organizations operate in a sustainable manner, creating capacities to enhance organizational values in all areas of production, trade, service. When applying ISO standards, product quality is made to meet the quality requirements of users.

Note when using

  • Note the size of the row insert space to select the right air bag product.
  • Do not choose the dunnage air bag with the length exceeding the height of the cargo.
  • Each void should be filled with only one Dunnage Air bag .
  • The distance from the dunnage air bag to the floor should be 2 inches or more to minimize moisture.
  • Protect the bag by placing corrugated paper or an object with a smooth surface on either side of the Dunnage Air bag
  • Dunnage Air bag can be placed on either side of the container or between packages.
  • Do not insert an dunnage air bag in the back door of a container or truck.
  • Dunnage Air bag should be placed at the top of the cargo or the container ceiling to protect the package.
túi khí chèn hàng container Phoebese kraft 1000x2000
Image illustration

Where to buy Phoebese Kraft paper dunnage bag ?

Currently DNS Solution is the official distributor of the brand Phoebese. So we are committed to guarantee 2 problems for businesses that are products of good quality and the best price in the market. In addition, DNS Solution always commits the product:

  • Full international certificate
  • Free consulting and most suitable solutions for businesses
  • Good after-sales policy
  • Fast shipping

Currently we provide Phoebese kraft paper dunnage air bags with 3 sizes:

  1. Dimensions (length x width): 1800 × 1000 (mm)
  2. Dimensions (length x width): 1200×800 (mm)
  3. Dimensions (length x width): 2000×1000 (mm)

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