Plastic pallets with many outstanding advantages such as high load capacity, high corrosion resistance, use time up to 10 years … Should be widely used in production and transportation such as supporting forklifts, loading and unloading, freight and cargo storage.

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Plastic pallets are molded plastic sheets with a flat structure made from plastic beads.


There are 2 ways of classifying. Classified by plastic type and design

By plastic type:

  • Primary plastic : specialized for export
  • Pecycled plastic : specialized for storage

By design:

  • 2-way pallets: Designed for forklifts to lift pallets in 2 directions: Front and rear
pallet nhựa 2 chiều
2-way pallets
  • 4-way pallets: Designed for forklifts to lift pallets in 4 directions: Front, rear, left and right
pallet nhựa 4 chiều
4-way pallets

Advantage of PLASTIC PAPER

  • Oughness: so they have very good bearing capacity, and the load is also very high, durable over time. You can use them to store goods in cold storage or warehouse. Indoors or outdoors has the harshest temperatures and weather without causing any problems.
  • Super durable: Unaffected by chemicals, water, non-conductive, no termite, long service life,…. Plastic pallets can be used in any environmental condition. Can withstand problems with weather. And help customers save a large price range.
  • Super lightweight: Plastic pallet makes transportation easier. Helping the round process, more transshipment turns, thereby reducing costs significantly.
  • Optimal price: Initially, the purchase price will be high compared to wooden and paper pallets, but in terms of usage time, the plastic pallet has the most optimal price.
  • Variety of sizes: There are different types of plastics and designs. Makes transport easy

Application of PLASTIC PALLETS

  • Suitable for use in industrial parks, warehouses, packing for export, loading goods on trucks, containers, trains, ships, aircraft …
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Application for many industries: Electrical & Electronic, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Plastic & Petrochemical, Fertilizer, …
  • Suitable for both cool and cold storage
  • Commonly used in factories and warehouses
  • Suitable for stacking or shelving
pallet nhựa 2 chiều
Illustration for application of plastic pallets


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