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If you are a manufacturing business, you must have had a headache because of the problem of transporting goods. After a production process to produce a quality product, but after being transported, it will be damaged by falling, overturning. And you don’t have any proof to handle this with the shipping company. Just like that, it will reduce productivity and revenue of the business. Especially reducing is the reputation and brand of the business. The warning labels will solve this problem for you

Problems shipping the product

During transportation, some special goods required:

  • Always need to be fixed in an upright position. Absolutely not tilt left, tilt right, or flip 180-360 degrees.
  • Absolutely not fall or be shocked.

However, when transporting, the shipping company does not pay attention to let these situations occur. They damage your goods, but they are not responsible. The warning label will solve this problem for you. It acts as a supervisor to help monitor and detect whether or not the item is tilted or dropped?

Types of warning labels

1. Impact label

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Products such as technology, high-value goods or fragile goods will be damaged and lose their value when impacted. For these products, an impact label will be used.

  • Structure

Plastic decal with glue
The glass tube contains the red compressed liquid

  • Mechansim

It is used to detect shock during transportation or storage. When the set G value is exceeded, the indicator will change from white to red. It is irrefutable proof that the product was shocked.

2. Leaning label

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Fragile goods made from glass, crystal such as cups, bottles, vases, perfumes, ceramics, bulbs, statues … cannot be tilted, causing the product to break.

  • Structure

It’s simple: Steel sheet and high density polyethylene.
Compared with conventional labels. Leaning Label is designed with two extra small dots to indicate product misalignment.

  • Mechansim

When the product is tilted, the screen on the top of the label changes from silver to red.

One of the two small dots below will be changed to silver. Help users know which direction the product has been tilted ?

Epilogue about warning labels

In particular, each warning label has its own barcode and serial number printed so that the carrier cannot swap labels when problems arise. In the event of any damage, the company can easily tell if it is its fault or that of the carrier. From there, the carrier will be more responsible. Less damaged goods, the efficiency will increase and maintain the reputation of the business. From there, the carrier will be more responsible.

You can refer to Impact Labels and Leaning Labels at DNS Solution.

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